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Generation Zero Group Shareholder Call Replay

To listen to the recorded Generation Zero Group shareholder call from 9-24-2014, please follow the instructions in the following PDF link:

Generation Zero Group Shareholder Call Replay Instuctions

Generation Zero Group Shareholder Call

(Trading Symbol: GNZR)

Generation Zero Group will host a conference call to discuss Find.com, Inc.’s strategic plan and progress to date.

DATE: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
TIME: 1:00 PM Eastern Time
TOLL-FREE LINE: 866-848-2216
CONFERENCE ID: 2397394223 #

Content to be discussed during the conference call will be provided via an 8K filed for GNZR with the SEC that morning and will be available on www.generationzerogroup.com under investor relations.

Generation Zero Shareholder Meeting Presentation 9-24-2014

Featured Opportunity - Find.com

Find.com is a highly memorable, easy-to-understand URL. This simple URL clearly tells consumers and all Internet users that Find.com enables users to find exactly what they are looking for in the ever-growing huge pool of information available on the Internet.

The Find.com core strategy aims to provide high quality, easy-to-use results geared toward active consumers looking to make a purchase or prepare for a purchase of some kind.

Our recently released version 1 product includes online comparison shopping and local business directory search. This current iteration of the product will be used to identify key strengths and streamline functions to maximize both traffic and revenue generation while identified next phase components are developed and implemented.

Due to the increasing number of web addresses created each day, URL's (web addresses) are getting longer and harder to remember. This makes branding and marketing inherently more expensive and time consuming. Find.com does not have this obstacle - the name "find" is clear in what it means and what it does. "Find" is easy to remember and intuitively used every day.

Find.com intends to exploit opportunities in the e-commerce market by:

  • Promoting its unforgettable domain name www.find.com
  • Exhibiting a clear message, as "find" transcends many languages and many cultures, having the same meaning wherever it is read or heard
  • Providing easy-to-use and precise search results for consumer products and services
  • Focusing on strategies that are results driven - "Why search, when you can FIND?"

Generation Zero Group is excited about the growth possibilities with Find.com and will continue to work to make Find.com one of the most recognizable and most visited URLs on the web. Please visit www.find.com to view the latest version of the Find.com product.

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